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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

As posted on Monday:

Man. I have run out of portfolios to get ready. I guess this means I should study for my Sample Survey final. I really hate math though. And I have no ulterior forms of entertainment but DVD's and internet. (Our cable was turned off today). I really need to pack too. I don't want to pack. It's the worst thing about coming to and or leaving school.

Except with leaving school you have to miss friends too.

And of course that will happen. People tend to get attached to one another.

Today, Nick and I ate lunch. We were talking about blind dates. I asked him if he would go on one that I set up for him because I actually have someone in mind. He said no, and that blind dates are horrible. I don't think he has ever been on one though. Then he started talking about how he had someone perfect for me and that once we got together it would work fine. I told him I have a girlfriend and I don't want a blind date. He told me my girlfriend wouldn't have to know. But after much debate, I still decided no. I am not looking for anyone else. I have someone great.

It was all a joke though. (On his part).

Annie told us that if Curt died young that Andrew and then me were first on the list to date and or marry. How comical. I told her I didn't want to marry her. Not so much that I don't think she is cool, which by the way, she is; but I don't think like that. I really try to think in the now. So of course, the now that I am presently in I have a fine lady.

I like the now I am presently in. I hope it stays this constant in the future.

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