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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The following is an email I wrote to the fine bandmembers of Challenger:

I know this message may not go directly to the horse's mouth (the members of Challenger) but I thought it would be an interesting story to relay to the info section, or if it's possible to forward the information on to the band.

With that jargon said: Here is my story. I have been a fan of the Milemarker/Challenger contingency for a little while now. Seeing you as Milemarker in Chicago and Challenger this summer in Cleveland. Good shows. I was pretty excited to hear that Challenger (Geez how many times can I type it?) would put out an album out the beginning of this summer. So I bought it the week or so it came out. I really enjoy the record.

This, however isn't the point of me writing you fine folks. It's more to inform you of the irony that unexpectedly showed up in my front lawn this morning. Well I woke up this morning about 6AM, and found that my driver's side window had been smashed, and my cd player ripped out. Leaving a gaping hole in my dash.

The neighborhood I live in is relatively safe, so I was quite suprised and, well, kinda mad. I didn't stop to think what cd was in my cd player. So as I was getting a ride to work, I remembered. Challenger's "Give the people what they want...(In small doses)" So in this case, for the person who stole the cdplayer/cd really did get what they wanted. Being that I have no form of security besides locks on the doors.

Thought you guys would like a good story and commentary(?) about today's society. Have a good one. - Jeff


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