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Monday, May 26, 2008

I have to document this, because of it's oddity. It so closely resembles fate, I can scarcely disbelieve in it anymore. Ok, for those of you who have known me for a long time/remember/read this at all...you might remember my first screen name was a laughable "daftpunk68". We didn't have AOL so I couldn't get the coveted @aol.com suffix. But the next best thing in email then was Yahoo. So I promptly made a user name there as daftpunk86@yahoo.com. No, that's not a mistype, I couldn't get 86 for an AIM name so I switched the number around. We being that I "matured" over time, I wanted a new, untraceable user name for my yahoo.com email. I came up with, in 2001 "b765_b@yahoo.com" I wanted something simple and easy to remember, so I used the numbers "765". About a year later when researching schools I chose Indiana Wesleyan and have spent 7 years off and on here. Well I just noticed the choice of my email slightly predates my arrival to Marion, In...which conveniently has the area code of what? "765".


Anonymous said...

I always wondered why the hell you had that email haha thought it was weird. Looks like you predicted me as being your roommate by using B.


jeff said...

Totally! Ok, this is weird. One B for Baxter and one for Beaver.

Amanda said...

I think you're losing it.