wrangled and wrinkled.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv we've not stopped living
Tel Aviv we've worn it on our sleeve
Tel Aviv we've separated
Tell her we've won.

Oh dear forlorn lady in the desert
Oh dear a lady amongst the sand
Oh dear she's lost it, it's something important
Oh dear that lady, she seems so grand

Tel Aviv you know what she's doing
Tel Aviv you know where she's been
Tel Aviv it's Lebanon calling
Tell her that she's the one.


Amanda said...

You should just tell me when you write a new post so that I can stop checking your blog all the time.

I love this poem, by the way. Very clever.

jeff said...

Well I check yours all the time so we're even.

Amanda said...

WELL you need to post more often! Even if it's boring stuff. I don't care.