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Monday, October 06, 2003

So my weekend was pretty entertaining. To say the least. I am going to buck the trend here and not post a bunch of inside jokes. Sorry friends! However, I will say what we did on this marvelous trip.

Started out with a car ride that seemed to last forever. I kept complaining about the cds we listened to so we made a decision to listen to the all night techno station. I got the back beats pretty well. I almost bought that bass flask at this gas station in a moment of weakness, but I was strong and did not.

Then when we got there we watched III Ninjas. I fell asleep to a kitty meowing.

The next day we went to a thrift store and I tried on all these girl shirts, and met some other girl from IWU. After that we got some tickets for the game, and went home for a large meal. The game was amazing. Too bad no one else loves soccer as much as I do. I stood for the whole 90 mins cheering. I was hoarse from it. Some of my friends were scared of the group I was standing with so they ditched me for more boring seats. Luckily, Jim was a nice friend and hung out with me. It was cool, I miss the boy.

Went back to Anne's house and watched Catch Me if You Can, which is good. Looked over half way through the movie and Christie, Anne's sister was petaling the excersise bike during the boring parts. It was funny.

"You heathen man, you ruined the works of Jah."

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