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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I was only 51 posts away from 500 on my real astoldby site. Sheesh. I haven't checked if it is working yet. I don't think anyone reads this one, so that's nice and I can say whatever I want!



This weekend was supposed to be me going to Aaron's bachelor party, but that is not going on now. I could not get off work and I fail at life because I dont have enough money to drive out there, pay for crap and drive back and then drive back there in a week and then pay for crap and then drive back to Ohio. Life. Not that I think it's crap. But I don't have solid hours at my job yet. I don't know. I am beginning to hate money.

Since I hate money so much, I spent some of it tonight. I found a copy of the 101ers Elgin Avenue Breakdown on vinyl. That is exciting. I have always wanted it. So as soon as that arrives my record collection will be complete...Maybe not.

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emily said...

yo yo jeff. i read this! and i think i saw the came coheed video you did! that IS weird...but cool too. i loved the video. what did you think? and i feel ya on the money thing...i hope the wedding goes well and proves to be a good time for you. l8r -em