wrangled and wrinkled.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

So Amanda has been back from her trip for a few days now. Sam is around, and Ryan is coming home soon. I am blessed to have these guys here for another summer, until I goback to finish. Hopefully their job-hunt (Well one of them) goes well. I have been working more frequently and will begin full time work in early June.

June also brings Aaron W's wedding. So that is very exciting, what a great time it will be. I am also blessed to have him and Steph in my life, and hopefully for some continued years.

I have been listening to my Who records and playing air guitar for Amanda lately. Lauren Claus should come back from the BAYOU.


lauren said...

jeff! i just read this. i'm never coming home from the bayou :( actually i will sometime but until i get a car, ugh it's too much stress and work. come to the bayou!

jeff said...

You can take the booty out of the bayou but not the bayou out of the booty.