wrangled and wrinkled.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Who has the better life? The bum, the brat, the esteemed? The one with the credit or the one who deserves the credit? Can someone really make a difference? Or does someone choose to be impacted.

If you get a car for free, or if you have a big house, or if you are the CEO of a big business, or if you pray in church, or if you burn a church...We all ultimately have an end to our lives. It doesn't matter, because it all ends.

The free rides, the business luncheons, and the lonely nights asleep on a park bench.

They all end.

Can I come in? Because I don't want to leave you. Is it the twinkle in your eye or the pause inbetween your breaths? Can I come in? This night is too long to go without seeing you pulse.



Anonymous said...

"through music we can live forever"


jeff said...