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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yesterday was a busy day. IWU played Spalding University in soccer and the FC Reds were out in full force. IWU one in golden goal fashion, scoring the winning goal with 3 mins left in overtime. We had some really good cheers, even though there were more people who could have cheered. They were there for the girls game afterwards. Shea and I agree that they only cheer for the girls because they want to get some "tail". (They are all guys).

I also did about 7 test prints for my first printmaking project. I did printer's proofs on Japanese newsprint, pages from atlas', phonebook paper, etc. I did one on regular paper too, which I will turn in Monday.

This weekend I am going home to see Amanda and go to a Columbus Crew game. Andrew will be there and this guy is playing:
(Freddie Adu). I am going to make a poster which reads "Much ADU about nothing!" It's nerdy, so what.

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