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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birdcalls II (Again)

Tonight I was driving and I looked up ina secon' story window.
I saw a silhouette of a woman
An she was changing...
She was changing her mind.

She weren't changin' er clothes she was changin' her mind.
Well you know ow it goes
You know ow it's been
When she comes around it's back to the pastures again.

And it's me back to my pastor's again.
Seein' what I can to do just to get Jesus, get (h)'im my sins tend.
Seein' what I can do to get my heart to mend.

Been there before and written again...
Bird calls, and bird calls and again and again.

But if I don change myself:
She'll be there again.
Standin' in the window changin' er mind again.


Amanda said...

I like it. How do you think to talk like that? It's funny, and it's sad, and it's happy, too.

jeff said...

It's probably influenced by the music I listen too. A lot of times when you are singing you can get away with not beginning or finishing words. So in order to get a gritty feel to it, I tried to write it differently. So it would be more staccato and not flow. Also, I wrote it like that to create a feel of blues, although much of what is sung in blues is more due to a southern slang.

Amanda said...

Well, this definitely sounds like a song. You should work with it with someone who does music. I'm surprised you don't live in New Orleans by now.