wrangled and wrinkled.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I think tonight I made a realization just how much I need/want/enjoy "decompression" time.

I also realized I would love to find someone who loves that I need/want/enjoy "decompression" time.

It's funny how closely my life aligns to a diver's depth. I feel like I work in a constant barrage of social interaction at work. And when I come home I love to just regenerate with a little bit of quiet before I feel just about ready to go out, or go back to work (in the studio). And although working in the studio is very enjoyable I still kind of need decompression before I do it. To clear my head. Sometimes it's so bad I need like 2 days of decompression before I work in the studio or go out in a large group.

If anything the loss of a relationship strengthens my resolve to find someone who fits me well. Because no one else can really work, other than a good fit. With others I just leave them worn out or confused. Or in need of their own decompression.

I also know I started 2 sentences with the word and. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

decompression = masturbation

works everytime.


Amanda said...

Oh man. I so know what you are talking about. We were at this marriage retreat and all the women were complaining about their husband coming home too late, and I said, "My husband comes home too early! I need some time to myself!" When I don't have alone time, I really start to freak out, and if you find someone that loves you enough, they will respect that and you can find ways to accommodate each other. And no, you probably wouldn't want someone that also needs as much decompression time because then you'd almost never see each other. Maybe just someone whose feelings aren't too easily hurt.

Sorry. I didn't mean to go all Dr. Phil on you. I'm just saying, you're not abnormal. At least not in THAT regard. :)