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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Electric Ode

Be my girlfriend. I ask and ask and ask in my head. It's only because you are in my head that I ask. It's a bit like "Across the Sea" by Rivers. I only know you a little bit, the little bit you know someone from connections only made electronically. Maybe we could be the first to electronic synapses to fall in love. We have only really known each other from posts made, and emails made or pictures tagged from friends neither of us know. My computer sends a bit to my internet which sends it to the web and you read it and smile. I smile all the time when I read you. I wonder if you smile when you read me...We're across the web and I wonder how you do you hair. I wonder what you say with your voice and how you choose your glasses. I wonder how you ride your bike and where you put your keys. And you have the only cat I've ever loved upon first site. How do you fall in love with an animal with only meeting it on a picture on a screen?

I've looked at you a thousand times. But please don't read me wrong, I'm not obsessed. I'm just curious. My thoughts always exist in possibility and I know you aren't a real one. You live all the way on the east coast. I'm going to Australia to ride my bike and eat Vegemite sandwiches like Men Without Hats. You're going home to eat pizza that's defined by location. Which city has the best pizza? Which ever city you live in. I'll live in that city by the lake. If you'll let me when I come back from living in the Asian capital of the world outside of Asia it's self. Let's ride bikes and I'll by you gifts from 25 cent machines and you can love them for awhile and throw them away. I'll buy you groceries and candy bars and fatty meals at popular restaurants. We can share an onion bowl from somewhere.

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