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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From a dream V:

The setting was a Catholic church. We went together and with friends to a music festival there. Another car ride and we were alone in the back seat in an old 70's sedan. Three people sat up front in the large bench seat. Or maybe it was four, but I only knew one. Jesse peeked back at us and after laugher and mutual adoration we held hands. He caught us when he peeked and then whispered it to the others up front. I wasn't ashamed though, because to me in that moment it felt right. "It just felt right." Isn't that the explanation people give to others when they speak of love? Well this was just a dream, but as far as I can tell the dream me was as slow to feel as the real me. So we'll call it like for now.

There were many pews in the church. I don't remember walking in, only feeling excited for the bands that were playing. For some reason, I was very excited to see the Suicide Machines. The first band I can recall was the Sex Pistols. Although long broken up with their bassist dead, they still performed that night. Sans the guitarist and the drummer Johnny Rotten sang and the deceased Sid Vicious played drums. I was really into it. I was so into it I climbed up on the stage and was bobbing along to the beat with Sid. I was so into it that they became annoyed and removed me from the stage. When I came back to our seats I asked if you had seen me up there and I don't remember you replying, but I don't think you were as pumped to see the two member (one deceased, but apparently available to play the Catholic church festival) Sex Pistols.

We got up and wandered to a side hallway. I was excited to have you alone and not in a group. We soon noticed a very ornate door. We then went inside to discover more doors. Each door was labeled as an office or a study for either the head priest or others who helped to run the church. Looking around we discovered a red button. Decidedly we agreed that this was the emergency Pope button. Every Catholic church has one. Just in case they need the Pope's immediate attention or advice. How novel, how useful.

The wall at our backs then changed into a woods scene. We saw the head priest of the church and a bishop riding bikes together in the wilderness. This was a total normal occurrence and we thought nothing of it. The head priest was in front with the bishop behind and kind of keeping an eye on the priest. Sort of how a bridesmaid carries the train on a wedding dress as to not let it dirty on the ground. After watching them ride by the wall turned two dimensional again. Four to five men dressed in black Puritan type clothes approached us. Some had long hair, some had facial hair, some had unsightly moles on their cheeks. None of them were particularly good looking. Although none struck us as ugly. Just somewhere in between, with the old time settler type look in their eyes. I don't remember if they spoke to us.

You were thirsty so we decided to go out and get a drink at a restaurant. Before we left while walking through the side hallway we saw through a number of doors and Tears for Fears was performing at the church. The song? "Head Over Heels". After exiting we found a restaurant quickly and it was almost as if we were beamed there. It was a dimly lit, semi crowded, semi formal atmosphere. I believe we were both enjoying the dinner and each other's company. Maybe you have been the girl from my dreams this whole time. The nameless, faceless one who is neither judgmental or completely taken by me. At least, though, I know who you are.

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Amanda said...

Thanks so much for telling me about these! I hadn't read your blog since about January because you were so bad at updating. I love all of these, but they get better and better. I am being serious--you are an amazing writer. You really have a way with words that puts the reader there. And the faceless woman has all the mystery of a great novel. Women would die over this kind of writing. Please write more and send to a publisher.